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Limitations – Blog No. 50

1001052_393339104104509_1687252269_nYou create your own limitations.  Break with your tradition of thinking and remove the worn out ideas – your core ‘staple’ thoughts – to free up space for a new world-view.  It is time.  There is not time any longer for being overly precious about your angers and your hatreds – you must see each one, face to face, and then let it fly.  It is time to let go of your toxic thoughts.  Write them on paper and set fire to them.  It is cathartic watching the flames.  I suggest you do not get too sentimental about your letting go, either.  Clean up your head willingly, it can only help you.  Your thoughts contain your future, they are the building blocks of your existence.  Make them strong.  Positive.  And think big.  Dream of a world where there is more peace and tolerance, more respect and goodwill, compassion.  Expect that world to materialise.  But first – remove the boundaries you set for yourself by addressing your own negatives.  When you can look at your negative behaviours and your destructive behaviours and understand why there are times when you act (seemingly) to sabotage your own life, then you will find yourself closer to knowing just who you are and how powerful your nature is.  Your nature is essentially what you are. What you are is not the same as who you are.  You must know both.  That is why being natural is important.  It shows respect for your beginnings.  If you cannot be easy in your natural state you are missing out, it is a peace like none other.

This world has a self-consciousness that needs exploring.  Perhaps there are too many mirrors?  Perhaps it matters too much in some places how you present yourself to the planet.  But in these places where picture-perfect matters the people can be left to themselves, they are all aspiring to be the same object – so they become one and the same and no one needs to worry.  Narcissus looked first to himself and last, at himself.  When you have a mindset that understands shopping for a living, celebrity-worshipping and very little else it is harmless in the larger scheme of things.  These people do not contribute to our days.  Their attention is focussed elsewhere and their heads are empty.  In fact their free space is legendary.  It is when these people speak shit that we have a problem.  Their thoughts are very easy to deflect but their words cause a nuisance.  There are too many ignorant people speaking hatred with authority and that is a problem in our western world.  How many people these days read more than the daily tabloid?  You cannot get anywhere in life by reading the tabloids.  Please.  Fill your head with relevant facts.  Who this woman is who slept with 30 men in her quest for fame is not a relevant fact.  Lazy people do not bother to read about the state of their own futures in the hands of the dodgy politicians they put in power – either through voting, or NOT voting.  There is no excuse for not voting.  None.  Lazy people do not bother to read about what state their world is in, how their natural world is shrinking.  There is no time for laziness in our current climate.  We need to make a statement against the way things are.  We do not do that by avoiding taking responsibility.  We all become informed – even one new piece of information each day.  That way – you are growing your awareness and you are forming opinions.  It is natural.  You will have an opinion one way or another on this thing, that thing.  It is interesting hearing your own opinions.  You must feel how it feels to believe something.  You will know how it feels.  There is a power behind your idea, your ideas.  You cannot pretend to yourself to believe something.  And don’t worry about believing everything you read – you won’t.  You have discernment and you are equipped to use it.  Check your sources and find reliable facts with which to build your understanding of what is happening to our world.  Trust your opinions but do not force them on other people.  Suggesting is always better.  Put your opinions up against the opinions of others and see how your thinking measures up.  Together we can find a way to make the people who hold power, listen.  It is all in the way you ask them to hear you.  You cannot be unresponsive to an appeal made in earnest, with pure motivation.  It would be to go against the spirit of living and violate our right of abode as citizens of Earth.

This world needs to recognise that limitations are impractical.  If you can conceive of not succeeding then you have the wrong goal.  What is the point wasting time on following to conclusion something that you, yourself, do not believe in?  To have doubts is natural, healthy, it keeps you from complacency.  But do not consider failure before you consider success.  Then you will fail.  You have to be able to stretch your perception to include the possibility that you have everything you need to get you to your best.  Who you are – at this exact moment in time – is enough.  Trust your experiences – always.  Trust your innocence – always.  If you manage your life effectively you will find that you develop your innocence rather than allow it to be lost.  You feed your innocence and learn from experience.  It is easy.  Trust your inner child for guidance.  It knows what to do.  If you have not yet made the acquaintance of your inner child you ought to make your introductions, soon.  Your inner child uses pure motivation.  You can learn a lot from watching its decision-making.


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Blog No. 4

mirror-reflection-in-sphere2NOTE TO SELF:  1987 (minor 2013 edit – important:  1987 ‘man’ = mankind, as such)

The construction of man was undoubtedly a miracle, although one might wonder whether or not it was (initially) an act of boredom.  Had civilisation progressed as God had intended it to, there would be no cause for concern, but modern man has travelled so far along forbidden paths in his quest to discover the meaning of Life that his creation and the purpose behind it has been ignored (for years).  One wonders whether it hasn’t been conveniently deleted from his memory completely.

Man has evolved into something totally contrary to what was expected.  Man in modern society assumes that he is invincible – a story-book hero with limitless powers.  He sees himself as the epitome of perfection and will not admit the potential presence of any weaknesses.  Stated more accurately by a certain A. Grit, “Nature didn’t make us perfect, so she did the next best thing – she made us blind to our faults.”  Man’s denial of imperfection is (nearly) imperceptible, although he is surely aware that somewhere deep within his (superior) being there is something that needs correction, something that he cannot do without.  Perhaps it would be destructive to admit it – even if it was just to himself – it might taint his opinion (of himself) or crack the fragile shell of his ego.

For man to understand himself accurately, it would be necessary for him to see himself as he appears in reality.  Without much effort, he could merely stand before a mirror and study his reflection and draw his conclusions from his observations.  However, it is easy to escape unharmed by staring at your reflection in a normal mirror because the reflection is superficial and does not extend further than skin deep.  What he (actually) needs is a large two-way mirror that reveals his surface features from one side and when he moves behind the mirror to the other side he can see his inner turmoil and associated imperfections.  Only then, under constant scrutiny, would he begin to discover for himself that although he is a human being of miraculous proportions, he has also been made with his share of (inherited) insecurities and problems.
The most difficult thing for him to understand however, is that by viewing himself subjectively as well as objectively, he is in no way conceding to or admitting defeat, (but that) he is actually on the way to self-discovery.

A mirror in itself is a means by which man can unravel the mysteries within himself.  By turning to face a mirror he can unjumble the confusion inside of him and make sense of his situation in order to proceed (effectively equipped) in a ‘weird’ world of reality.  There is no doubt that man’s true reflection will not hold any substantial pleasure initially, but perhaps for him to come to terms with himself it is an effective measure.  It would surprise him to discover that instead of being the all-knowing figment of his imagination, he has become the ignoramus who stares back into his eyes so helplessly.  Man has become disillusioned and must learn to deal with his disppointment in order for him to begin again.  Maybe by participating in a venture of this nature, society will change and follow a more positive path towards the future.  Maybe, just maybe, by doing this man will revolutionise his outlook and turn out to be what was expected of him the moment the dust with which he was created, had settled.


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