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Childhood – Blog No. 56


Childhood is for children. That means it is a time of innocence. Every child has innocence. Should you be responsible for taking the innocent wonder out of the life-experience of a child, you will have a lot to answer for when that child becomes an adult. It is not easy to ensure that a childhood is untainted in this day and age, but it is possible.

Childhood is short for most children these days, that is why it is important to cherish the idea of it. Again I will say it, if you cannot offer a child a happy childhood, why have one? That kind of a betrayal is sacrilege. Children are all born with hope. Love, and innocence too. If you choose to damage these faculties in a child, you can safely consider yourself a cruel person.

There are those parents that will live vicariously through their children, and this, too, tampers with the early experience that children should be having. Children need guidance, they do not need their parents to make their choices for them. Childhood is a time for exploration, for children to learn how to make sense of the world they have been born into. An adult is not able to make up a child’s mind.

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The sacrilege – Blog No. 24








… of starving children

… of cruelty

… of abuse

… of inauthenticity

… of denying yourself your truth

… of living a lie

… of entrusting your Fate to one God (never put all your eggs in one basket)

… of forcing a child to peddle religion door to door

… of breeding children into hate, poverty or slavery

… of the corrupt

… of demonising death

… of rape

… of greed

… of letting others label you

… of following authority blindly

… of deceiving your children

… of trashing the Earth

… of thwarting progress

… of only living for now (never put all your eggs in one basket)

… of waste

… of capitalising on another’s Fate


… of selling another’s soul for your supper


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