Magick – Blog No. 75

28300When you take the time to understand that there is a difference between magic and magick you will be able to appreciate the wonder of both.  You will find that if you invest time in appreciating the magick that is happening all around you all day, every day, you will become properly alive inside yourself.  This is not a scary prospect – it is like a caterpillar in a chrysalis.  You will become the best you are meant to be.  Do not ever forget that this takes due process.  Becoming your best is a long journey.  If you have stamina you should undertake this journey.  If you do not – that is a shame.  You are missing out.

You have to show gratitude for Nature’s magick in order that she allows its properties to transform you, your life.  You must appreciate her mastery.  She is very, very adept.  Treasure that there is no other that will understand you like she does.  She is you.  From this you can draw comfort.  You have no need to hide from her your ‘sins’.  She understands the nature of man.  And she understands very well the nature of woman, too.  She is familiar with wiles and manipulation.  She does not employ either method in her operation but she accepts that others, do.  That there is yet conflict between the sexes about who is Alpha what is not helpful.  There is always an Alpha female and an Alpha male in Nature’s equation.  Always.  The energy of both.  Bringing together – in harmony – those energies, is where she is headed.  That her work along the way is changing the lay of the land is a reality we should really learn to accept without raising too much objection.  Her motivation is pure.  She is already everywhere that matters.

Magic itself is black, white.  Coloured.  Musical.  Cinematic.  There is no grey area where magic is concerned.  Magic works.  Do not for one moment doubt that fact.  Magic trades secrets in deep, dark belief.  Trust.  You know how a strong belief can save your life?  Or kill you?  Easy.  If you are interested in the at-work aspects of magic and its happenings you must visit voodoo and you must visit ritual, you must hear your heartbeat and you must suspend disbelief for a period long enough to give your inner cynic a chance to keep quiet and learn.  The cynic is entitled to its opinion but it is not invited to share it.  When you next see love in action – and this is not hard to see if you know where to look – know that magick is happening, right there in front of your eyes.  Magick comes to us each when we are primed, open, and ready to receive it.

Open.  Receive it.


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5 responses to “Magick – Blog No. 75

  1. ramadan hosny

    For the first sight …. My feeling is that these bloges contain very important subjects….. Please can I read some of it….. Wait to hear from you …. May be in reply to my comment

  2. Unbelievable post. Will be misunderstood yet by many, though.

    Thanks, C.J.

  3. CJ, As you know I enjoy your blog and the sharing of your ideas. On this post, I must respectfully offer and suggest a different source to what you experience. There are “supernatural” forces in the world we live. On that, we agree. However, I see the clear presence and reality of God. In my perspective, God is a Sovereign God—almighty in power and all-knowing in knowledge. God, from and through all of eternity and of His own will, ordains and knows all of what will come to pass. He manifests His sovereign power and authority to bring about glory to Him, in His own perfect will, throughout His entire universe. God has no limits of power and authority. God cannot act contrary to His perfect nature. God is present everywhere, always, forever, eternally. God has no beginning or end. God is unchangeable. He is and was and forever will be God. God is All in All—God has all knowledge, all awareness, and all perception of all things. God is God: God the Father; God the Son, Jesus Christ; and God the Holy Spirit. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share this feedback. Blessings, luke

    • Hi Luke – of course I respect your relationship with God and I undersrand that magic(k) is not in your belief system. You believe rather in miracles and I think that is awesome. Thanks for sharing your way of seeing things.

      • Luke

        My pleasure, CJ, I humbly and with deep respect thank you for giving of the time to read my response. As a cancer survivor (4 years) the relationship of miracles to nature has been a very objective, clear revelation of God, for me. What I could not do on my own in my feeble self-empowered ways, He does. And, those continuing string of moments are miraculous, for sure. Blessings to you, my friend! Have a great weekend, luke

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