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Ambition – Blog No. 41

Intelligence-wihout-ambition-is-a-bird-without-wings-2048x1536Do you know that children learn ambition from their fathers?  Perhaps it is because the father role is traditionally one of working parent.  Bread-winner.  The need to be the provider is inherent in many men.  It drives them to do extraordinary things.  It makes a difference if a father is absent from a family.  It just does.  A single mother can try as hard as she likes, she cannot role-model as dad and mom.  For one thing, she is not a man.  There are a lot of children without fathers.  There are a lot of children whose mothers lie to them about their parentage.  This is a sad state of affairs.  Each child deserves to know who its mother is and who its father is.  How else will they ever establish a concrete sense of identity?  We are of our forebears.  You cannot escape that reality.

There are a lot of children being bred that will not stand out as remarkable because they have not been taught about competition, ambition.  If you do not stand out as remarkable in this world you will find that your career options are few.  There are too many of us on this planet.  Competition is fierce.  Ambition is important.  So is competition.  Both will take you far on the path towards realising your full potential.  If you are not striving for something, you are not going to learn just how magical you are as a human being.  You need to push yourself to get the best from yourself.  There are too many people sitting down wondering what is going wrong in this world.  It is time people stood up and gave the best of themselves to benefit the rest of humankind.  By giving your best to the world – in your unique way – you are nurturing yourself and growing your soul.  That is the best news about giving of yourself.  It is an investment in your future.  To do that, though, you need first to find the best in yourself.  That is not a one-minute job.  You will spend your entire life finding your best if you are bothered to look properly.

It is irresponsible to cultivate children who do not understand competitive sports, for example.  It is short-sighted to ask children to learn that it’s okay to be part of the majority.  If they blend in with the rest of their peers then who is going to be doing the independent thinking for these children?  Competition stimulates children.  It encourages them to achieve.  To feel pride.  It is the mismanagement of pride that serves as a problem in so many lives.  If you take pride in context – and have the understanding that it is a formidable part of the ego – it is useful.  Just take pride in the right things.  You know what the right things are.


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Breaking the rules – Blog No. 33

RulesThe rules of life:  there are no fixed rules.  We all make up our own.  We start with personal rules – these we develop as guidelines for what we like and what we don’t when we are quite little people.  Crossing the line – emotionally and physically – is not appreciated, clearly, from a very young age.  What makes us set down our first boundaries?  I think it is instinct.  Children are intuitive creatures.  They feel us, our vibes.  And they mirror our behaviours.  It’s hardly surprising that there is a delinquent overdose in the UK – too many kids have been brought up watching their parents lack focus and ambition.

Children should have tolerance.  Even young children.  If a child is missing tolerance in its repertoire of behaviours then it is disadvantaged.  Tolerance is learned.  Tolerance is a word every person understands by virtue of its effect.  To be tolerated – particularly when you are being frustrating or damnably changeable – is a gift.  Tolerance is not accepting the unacceptable.  It is not mindlessly putting up with somebody or something that offends you, or breaks your personal rules.  It is about realising that you are in a bigger picture than the one in which you are affected.  Tolerance is about standing away from yourself; your troubles, your desires, your judgement.  It is about following your heart to a place of feeling rather than taking your head to a place of reason.  You cannot reason with intolerance.  It is easy to find reason for tolerance when you consider that we are all learning in this life.  Even God is learning something new each day, about how humans have evolved.  That first-world man has freedom of choice does amaze me some days.  That he refuses to appreciate it and fully make use of its facility infuriates me.  I do not understand a man with a lethargy for choosing the path of his future.  How can you leave your life to run its own course when you have no idea where your future is?  That is like driving a car with your eyes closed.

Should you find yourself swamped by official rules – rules that you recognise as being imposed upon you by a needlessly anal bureaucracy (society can make you feel that way on occasion) then you must allow yourself to break a few of those rules.  Try not to break the law, that is different.  It brings with it due consequence.  Consider that if you make the rules that govern your days, you are entitled to break them.  Break with your own rules, your old traditions.  Open your future out in your mind.  Your possibility is limitless.  Really limitless.  You have to see beyond your limitations because you have imposed them upon yourself.  Trust that you can do what your mind dreams of if you allow yourself to step outside of your own box.  Stepping out of your box means pushing parameters, letting go of what you know in favour of the unknown.  The unknown is a place worth visiting.  It is found on the other side of your strict personal regime.



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