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One plus one equals three – Blog No. 46


One plus one equals three, i.e.  1 + 1 = 3.  If you want it to make 5 you are on the wrong planet.  For that you must go to one of your other dimensions.  If you have got no other dimensions to go to, then yours’ is an uncertain future.  Mine, on the other hand, isn’t.  I suspect that is because I am under no illusions.  Neither is God.  He plays a winning hand when it comes to his own construct, which was – incidentally – a very long game of strip poker.  He has been waiting for the perfect moment to show that hand – not because he is concealing anything, but because God only works in perfect timing.  That is not because he is being unfair, or picky, it is because he knows that it is not only vital to have the right words in hand to say, it is vital to know when to say them.


It is important to know that when the weight of the world becomes the fine line between puppet and master, God tends to get particularly fussy about accurate timing.


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Insults – Blog No. 30


It is not difficult to become offended by what we hear – or imagine – are insults directed at our person, particularly because as humans our diversity means that different things piss off different people.  Words and gestures in one culture may mean something positive, encouraging.  In other customs the same words could be curses.  It pays in delicate situations to know which words not to use – to hold your tongue when you are unsure of how your words will be interpreted – as much as it is helpful to speak openly when you know that certain words must be heard.

There are those who find swearing insulting to their ears.  There are those that find piety to be a violation.  Others cannot abide defiant women, advocating a woman’s submission because it demonstrates ‘respect’.  It is interesting that some people find insulting the idea of outspoken women, as if a woman’s word cannot be taken as seriously as a man’s in a man’s world.  Rudeness, on the other hand, is insulting to everyone, on every level.  Usually, rudeness is not necessary – it is a choice, a kind of thoughtlessness.  Like it is a choice not to respond to it.

The way it usually goes is that this one insults that one, and that one retaliates.  Anger is generated.  Then this one spits more insults and that one impacts them.  Anger intensifies.  That one then vents again with a poisonous diatribe in an attempt to annihilate this one.  Tempers flare, faces rage.  And then with a concerted effort one side – either this one or that one – decides not to respond to the provocation.  In a moment, the conflict is over.  No matter your own anger, your fury, your hatred – you cannot force a disciplined mind to fight.

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Hypocrites – Blog No. 6


That does not say Hippocrates.  His oath was something different entirely.  Hypocrites are interesting, but less interesting than say, liars.  A hypocrite is like a liar, but different in the worst possible way.  Hypocrites are easier to spot than liars because their hypocrisy is visible in their actions, not in the words they use.  So:  you can see a hypocrite from across the room, you do not even need to get close enough to hear them speak.

Hypocrites tend towards self-righteousness.  The problem is, with them, that they say one thing and do another while they imagine no-one is looking.  That in itself is perhaps excusable, but the fact that they subsequently try to hide the reality of their actions from themselves when confronted by their shadows demonstrates an inherent weakness of character in every single hypocrite.  That is not a character-assassination of a type of person, that is a fact.

I am fairly certain that when the bullshit castles fall from the sky there will be some tension in The Houses of Hypocrites.  The unfortunate thing for those living in bullshit castles is that their foundations are weak.  Not the castles’ foundations, their foundations.  When faced with the reality of this tragedy you will notice the hypocrites start squeaking.  That is when to smile, for that is when they realise that their destructive criticism is what has pulled their sky-castles down.  That is also when to deflect their energies, and reform their deformed idea of a social ideal.

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