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Slavery – Blog No. 80

slavery3-insideWhat is this business with humans needing to enslave themselves and other creatures?  30 million people on this planet are currently living as slaves.  Nearly half of those are Indians.  I am not sure if this statistic includes those people trapped in the trafficking ring, but it should.  They are slaves.  Slaves are money, in hand.  The trade in people is worth many billions of dollars annually.  It is wrong to sell people.  How do you put a value on a head?  I suppose it depends what that head does for its keep.  My concern is for those who buy empty promises from conscienceless bastards and then find themselves drowning in dire consequence.  Shouldn’t someone be educating the desperate people who are still trying to buy freedom?  Freedom is not for sale.

Who decided it was a good idea to sell blacks from Africa, way back in the beginning?  Which kind of people thought it acceptable to steal black men and put a price on their heads?  The same kind of people that bought the kidnapped Africans.  There was a large market for their heartlessness.  There still is.  It should be said that people are not meant to be commodities.  It is not productive that humans are skulking around selling each other to the shadows.  It is not productive that humans are enslaved by money.  If you bother to watch money for what it is you will see that it is a facilitator in life.  If you have it, use it.  It is an excellent lubricant:  a life-saver.

Should you be a slave-driver – and you will know if you are that – you need to understand that the slaves in all the good stories earn their freedom.  Remember this:  ownership has a life-span.  Accept this gracefully.  It is better for you at the end if your ex-slaves are standing by your side, as equals.  That can be considered a good outcome in a bad situation.  It is in the handling of a slave that the message gets sent and the learning returned.  If you are a slave, then learn.  If you are slave-driving, be sure that you are getting the message.




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Community – Blog No. 66

‘Words have an intrinsic power.  When they are true, sensible, and sincere, they heal “the hearts that mourn.”  They help to settle disputes between husbands and wives, parents and children, brothers and sisters.  They help to establish and realize initiatives by the community and relieve suffering.  Words are sacred.’

– Aminata Traoré

2011There is a community in the Kwahu mountains of eastern Ghana that is wanting to stand on its own two feet.  It needs to find a way to get its youth into work, there are too many unemployed.  There are too many single teenage mothers, too many women who have too little.  The women are desperate.  They will accept a proposal of sex for something to wear, something to eat, or somewhere to sleep the night.  Can you imagine being in that position?  Your body becomes your trade.  Where is your self-esteem when you must trade with your flesh?  The problem is that these women are not having protected sex and the result is often a child, or an infection of some kind.  The men understand the power they have and they use it, women are dispensable, a convenience.  The community is watching itself come undone.  The chiefs are looking for a solution, they consult with their people and they look for a way forward.  They are strong in their commitment to a better future.  My concern is how does a community keep its spirits up when the world rushes by on its busy business of being without even being aware of real-time problems of hopeful people who want change?

Community holds people together.  It holds hearts, and heads, together.  Perhaps the dissolution of community in places is more serious than the world realises.  Africa is founded on community spirit.  It is a web, a network whose reach you should never underestimate.  You will not find a continent better-equipped to work together – if it can heal the damage done to its soul by the scramble for Africa.  Someone, somewhere, needs to say sorry.  I think to start with, an apology would make Africa a lot happier.  Then she will be able to view herself as whole again and the work can begin.  Whilst she is divided – as she currently is – there are two many skirmishes, too much in-fighting.  What is she still doing warring with herself?  Watching her unfold is like watching a slow-motion movie.  The point that should be made is that the longer the community must farm out its resources in trying to keep itself together, the longer it takes for it to make progress.  Slow progress is still progress, but perhaps for a change the community must address its defectors and recall all of its wanderers.  It is time for a bigger picture and in order to realise that bigger picture, we need unity.


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Money – Blog No. 51

gun_moneyI hate the way money governs minds the way it does.  It has a power that should inspire awe, and wariness.  We should never be complacent around money.  It is an integral part of an everyday for every single person on this planet.  Whether you have it, or whether you don’t.  Money affords us choices.  As human beings, we are kept happy with choices.  When you have no money, you have no choice but to survive.  That makes for a person who will behave badly in order to get by.  You do what you must do.  When you have no money to fund your addictions and you choose to hurt people in order to support your imbalance, those crimes are of a different nature.  If you are hungry, you will steal or dig in dustbins.  If you are a junkie, you will rob and/or hurt people to fund your hobby.  Hurting others is frowned upon.

There are too many capable people sitting on their backsides, not earning money for themselves.  Earning money is empowering.  A lot of these people have a choice, they can work – they are just lazy and have become totally dependent on state support.  It is not good to be wholly dependent on anything.  There are too many people stealing from the failing benefit system in the UK, there are too many yob parasites and too many disillusioned children of the Empire in that country for the infrastructure to hope to cope.  It cannot cope.  The UK government cannot afford to keep its people in the manner to which they have grown accustomed.  Their’s is a dangerous, rocky road.  What does money mean in the UK?  What does money mean in the United States?  And very relevant – what does money mean in Africa?  In most places, it means status.  In some places, it means safety, security, too.  It would be good if everywhere money meant safety and security, for everyone.  I do not accept that there are people who survive on one US dollar a day.  I do accept that it is not for the rich to pay for the poor.  However, it is for the rich to make every effort to change the way this world works.  They have the platform and they have the resources.  They are somewhat educated, usually, and theirs’ should be a collective social conscience – it just should.  You don’t get rich by accident.  You either work hard and earn or you steal, extort, con.  Stealing is not advisable – did you not hear that the easy way in life is not the trap to fall into?  In anycase, you will pay back whatever you steal.  That is a given.

If you do get rich, make sure your methods are honourable, ethical.  For your own peace of mind.  And give something back.  Make sure you give something back – to the environment, if you cannot be moved to feel charitable towards people, or animals.  Be a visionary.  Be an entrepeneur.  Be the best at what you do.  Command remuneration for your services rendered, make sure it is fair exchange and make sure you do not underestimate your worth.  If you are rich – do not be greedy.  Greedy is rude and a money-grabbing rude person is not a person anyone wants to spend time with.  If your ways to acquiring wealth are not kosher, you can be sure that in your lifetime you will suffer your same treatment, you will be taken advantage of the way you have taken advantage of others.  The best thing about this world is that there is always, always, karma – and there is always, always, consequence.

Money makes most things move.  Most things.  Anyone who imagines that money does not manipulate every class in society, every caste – for there are still the ‘untouchables’ – is deluded.  Unfortunately, money is necessary in our world.  You cannot live without it.  We have made it this way.  It would make sense, then, that we take responsibility for our attitude towards money and instead of using it to demonstrate our successes in life, use it to make a success of this planet.  We only have the one.  We really should use every resource available to make it the kind of planet we all feel comfortable living on.  If someone next door to you is starving, you do not just sit there and watch unless you, yourself, are starving.  You start thinking about what you can do to make this world a better place and you give what you can to those who need something from you.


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Death – Blog No. 49

600x685_death-penaltyYou cannot just have 25 000 bumblebees drop dead in Oregon.  I’m sorry, it’s just not good enough.  They spray pesticides in the trees and the bees land in the toxic mess and all of them die.  That is 150 COLONIES of bumblebees.  Nature must just make the adjustment?  I think Nature is very tired of making adjustments for man.  She is tired of impacting man’s shit.  You cannot just have an oil spill that wipes out an entire bay of creatures.  You cannot just go drilling in the Arctic and trash the landscape.  You cannot keep murdering rhinos and lions with impunity.  Nature will not take much more of man’s meddling.  She is getting fed up of his sticking his fingers into her every orifice.  Stop genetic modifications – it is not for man to bend Nature’s say-so.  For god’s sake.  Nature was perfect in her execution before man came along – and she will be perfect long after he has gone.  He should watch her with more awe – and show her far more respect.  Does this planet wonder why violent death is at an all-time high?  You get what you give.  Nature sees man’s casual destruction of her majesty.  He is her progeny – lucky for him – and she must watch as he systematically destroys his mother.  Where is the sense in that?  She has invested her everything in you.  From the beginning.  It is time you appreciated that.

When AIDS took over Africa – because let’s face it, it has – was that Nature returning man’s compliment?  When she speaks she does not mince her words.  In fact, when Nature speaks it is best you shut up and listen.  Who said she does not have a voice?  She speaks in silence, in whispers of wind.  She speaks in tsunamis.  She speaks in tornado tongues.  She speaks in disease.  Do not underestimate her.  Really.  It would be your gravest mistake.  The thing is – Nature needs man’s help.  Without his help she will continue to suffer and the simple equation goes like this:  should she continue to suffer, man will continue to suffer.  How many ways does this have to spelled out before someone wakes up and takes notice?  Karma.  The cycle of life.  Flow.  Whatever you choose to recognise it as – there is a pure energy in this world that has its origin in Nature.  Nature is flawless.  She has imperfections – mutations – but she is immaculate in her happening.  Each season she bothers to come out with  a brand new display for humans to enjoy.  Do you even notice?  Are you so busy with your head stuck in the sand doing nothing to save your world that you fail to appreciate your source?  You must wake up and appreciate exactly what a creature you are and where you come from.  You are Nature.  Learn that and love that you are her reflection.  Trust, please, that you are not JUST or ONLY human.  There is no such thing as just human.  You are your own miracle, be sure what you choose to do with yourself is worthwhile.

When the Germans murdered the Jews and the Rwandan Hutu and Tutsi had their minds bent enough by a regime to hack each other up with machetes there was death on a large scale.  Hatred is fostered – it is a man-made thing.  It is usually based on a bed of lies so know that it has weak foundations.  You can easily conquer it if you face up to it.  You have to be discerning in this century, choose your battles wisely.  Eradicating hatred is a a big battle to have chosen, but it is the only way we will make this planet into the Utopia it is promised to be.  Earth can be a model of mutual respect, tolerance, understanding.  It can be RIGHT.  We can make it right.  We all have to decide what is wrong, first, and then know what we will not tolerate.  We all have a say.  We all live on earth.  We have internet and can communicate – a lot of people cannot have their say.  Why is it fine in some countries to hear public opinion and in others it is banned?  That is ridiculous.  How can you find out what your people need and want if you do not ask them?  These countries are operating on fear and that is not right.  You do not take the tack of scaring a people into doing what you want.  That is called bullying and bullying on a global scale cannot be tolerated.  China – stop bullying your people.  Let them breathe air for once that is not contaminated by your state propaganda.  Stop bullying Africans.  And stop bribing Africans, please.  They have a weakness for your dollars.


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