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Dream weaving – Blog No. 8

Cat in the Hat

It makes sense to turn your dreams into your reality, otherwise what is the point in having them?  It is not easy to realise your dreams – you need first of all to have had some, and the word ‘had’ infers that your dreaming for your future should have started the day your first breath was taken, and second of all you need the stamina to maintain those dreams in their pure form for the duration of their development.  That development can take decades, centuries.  Lifetimes.  Especially when your dreams are for the betterment of everything.  It is empowering when you see your dreams begin to manifest your actuality.  It is proof – if you should require such from yourself – that your path is right on track and your efforts have been worth every depredation.  It is proof, too, that those self-same efforts have been greater than every single one of the disappointments encountered along the way.

When dreaming, remember that it is not helpful to dream up shit that can never be realised.  Dreaming up and believing in bullshit is the most efficient way to destroy the striving of your soul.  A soulful sense of worth is nurtured by the setting of achievable goals.  The size of the dreams you have depends on the capacity you have to see them through.  If you give up after five minutes then you must understand your dreams will be pea-sized.  If you equip yourself to stay the distance, your dreams will have no ceiling.  It is difficult to explain this concept to small-minded idiots, but try anyway.  They may still fold after five minutes because they are weak-minded, or simply not equipped with what it takes to build sky castles – or climb them – but at the end of the road when they are faced with their failures they will know not to bitch and whine.   Blame for their failures can be ignored entirely – they own their weaknesses and are wholly responsible for their defeat.

Warp and weft.  This way, and that.  How you weave your dreams is obviously vital to you and your particular environment – and to those close to you.  With this in mind, it is essential to ensure that what you dream has broad-spectrum benefits.  That way, should any of your dreams get waylaid or ‘led astray’, you can be sure that their far-reaching effects will still reach you, no matter where you happen to be.  Dreams are personal.  They resonate with your destiny.  That means stolen dreams – hijacked lives – will, by their very nature of being, still be delivered to the right recipient when the time is right.  In the meanwhile – until the thefts and thieves are exposed – dreams that belong to another may well wreak havoc on the lives of those thieves, and the lives of those close to them.  Remember that.  And don’t bitch and whine when you get what you deserve.  In this world – we all do.  Eventually.




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Stone-walling – Blog No. 26


Stone-walling is an effective preventative unless you are faced with the holy ghost – in which case walls mean nothing.  They are about as much of a defence as an alibi that never checks out.  Otherwise, stone-walling is a skill worth learning.  You can sense the shut-down in people you meet with relative ease if you can recognise the sign in their eyes.  Eyes are indeed windows to the soul, when they are flung open from within.  Open from without is one thing – from within, something totally different.  That is why there is a saying:  eyes wide shut.  It means to be a sleep-walker.

Stalling is another stone-walling technique that has been proven useful with past application.  It is annoying for most people, particularly those sitting in a getaway vehicle.  However, stalling for the purpose of greater understanding is not only sometimes necessary, it is wise.  There is always someone who knows more than you do.  Never forget that.  If you value learning, you will treasure the experiences of those who know more than you do.  It is simple.  At every turn in life you need to make full use of all the resources made available to you.  It is helpful if you can recognise a resource.

When you have been stone-walled, it is like hearing the words:  check mate.  You may as well concede defeat.  Unless you are the holy ghost, in which case defeat means nothing.


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Heroes – Blog No. 26

heroesHeroes are not heroes for no reason.  They are that kind of person.  They are heroic.  Heroes in stories often die.  Sometimes, they have to.  That is the way of heroism.  Since you, too, have to die at some point in the future, why not a die a hero?  It is an honourable death.  It takes some doing to get your actions registered as heroic.  That means it is not a walk in the park being a hero.  It is a very serious calling and those that decide to become heroes in life – or death – should be acknowledged with our gratitude.  A hero has focus, vision, to see a mission through and deliver reached goals with maximum efficiency.

There are many heroes walking the face of the Earth.  Theirs’ is a legacy that speaks for itself.  When you save something or put your life on the line for a cause in which you believe and you do so with a fierce passion for what you represent, you begin to understand what heroes did historically – what they still do – and why they do it.  A hero is a person who helps others, a person that understands loyalty.  That is why their value.  They are resourceful, enterprising.  They are very good at what they do.  Heroes are still required and it is just as well that they do exist.  This world has not been saved yet.

It is time to stop avenging the deaths of former ‘heroes’.  There are too many men chasing each other around brandishing death because of dead heroes.  What is the point of that?  You do not teach your son that he must kill his neighbour because the boy’s grandfather killed yours.  That is stupid thinking.  The business of vendettas is a big business, understandably, there is a firm principle behind an eye for an eye, but there are ways to do the things you must do to balance the scales of justice without compromising your soul.  It is important to know this.

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Succeeding – Blog No. 21

jackpotSucceeding is far more satisfying than winning is.  Long term.  Winning is a delight, there can be no doubt about that feeling – to be the best at something is a personal achievement indeed.  Whatever that best, be.  But the joy that winning brings you is short-lived.  You are only ever as good as your latest victory.  If you are in the business of winning then you will know that is the truth.  The thing about winning is that there will always be someone who can beat you.  In the end.  That is the way of Nature.  Challenges are posed, accepted.  Territories are won, lost.  Survival of the fittest is nothing to be sniffed at.

Take pride in your successes.  Do not rub them in other people’s faces.  Be modest, enjoy the freedom that succeeding brings you.  Surround yourself with people who will celebrate your successes with you, people who wish to see you succeed at those things you do that mean something to you.  It is pointless surrounding yourself with people who wish to see you fall, or fail.  That is counter-productive.

Success is empowering.  When you set yourself a goal, or give yourself a deadline, you are posing a challenge.  Throwing down a gauntlet.  When you accept the challenge and then ensure that you do achieve the goal or meet the deadline, you are giving your self esteem a needed boost.  The kind of pleasure success brings you feeds your soul.  There is a reason for having self esteem, you should pay attention to yours.  It is safer to rely on yourself to boost your esteem, when you give another that task you are playing a risky game.  Set yourself goals.  Give yourself deadlines.  Let yourself achieve them.  Feed on your successes.  They buffer you against failure.


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Home – Blog No. 90

sexyappleThe drive to go home is a strong pull.  Every one of us has a sense of ‘home’.  We will spend our entire lives travelling there.  It is the wild in you that will direct you to your beginnings.  That is why it is important to acknowledge your wild.  You will take its direction.  It is worth realising that ‘home’ for you is not necessarily ‘home’ for your partner, or others in your immediate family.  You can all be travelling, simultaneously, to different places.  Home is a resting place.  You will feel this, it is a knowing.  You know when you get there, when you leave.  The place in which you live is not necessarily your ‘home’.  It depends on how fully you inhabit it.

Home is where your heart is.  Your heart is where your truth is.  Where you send your head is where you end up.  Every time.  Home is a sanctuary.  Establish early where your ‘home’ is and map the maze that life builds for you around it.  Home will be at core.  Source.  Like a salmon can find its way miles back upstream to its beginnings, you can find your way back home should you need to.  Time and again.  For some, ‘home’ is that safe place they have in their heads – where there are sunny beaches, rainbows, fluffy bunnies.  For others, ‘home’ is their union with another person.  It is quite possible to have a relationship deep enough that it takes you both ‘home’.  I suppose in an ideal world that level of devotion would be evident in every relationship.

Home replenishes the soul.  The starving soul.  And at times every single person on this planet has a starving soul.  When you hunger for ‘home’, that is when you know.  It is visceral.  A calling.  And it grows larger the longer you ignore it.  In fact, your longing for ‘home’ is metastatic.  It starts in your heart, then it begins to overwhelm your reason for being and it conquers your conditioning, the will of the system.  You become acutely aware of its impatience gnawing at your insides – at the edges of your mind – and at some point, you must obey its call.  It is advisable to explain your call to ‘home’ when it comes, before you act on it.  Partners can feel abandoned if you should disappear for a time, on a mission to take yourself ‘home’.  Children will miss you whilst you are gone.  But partners will get over being left, and children will be happy to be reunited with you when you return, refreshed.  Going ‘home’ is cyclical.  Roll with it.

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Community – Blog No. 66

‘Words have an intrinsic power.  When they are true, sensible, and sincere, they heal “the hearts that mourn.”  They help to settle disputes between husbands and wives, parents and children, brothers and sisters.  They help to establish and realize initiatives by the community and relieve suffering.  Words are sacred.’

– Aminata Traoré

2011There is a community in the Kwahu mountains of eastern Ghana that is wanting to stand on its own two feet.  It needs to find a way to get its youth into work, there are too many unemployed.  There are too many single teenage mothers, too many women who have too little.  The women are desperate.  They will accept a proposal of sex for something to wear, something to eat, or somewhere to sleep the night.  Can you imagine being in that position?  Your body becomes your trade.  Where is your self-esteem when you must trade with your flesh?  The problem is that these women are not having protected sex and the result is often a child, or an infection of some kind.  The men understand the power they have and they use it, women are dispensable, a convenience.  The community is watching itself come undone.  The chiefs are looking for a solution, they consult with their people and they look for a way forward.  They are strong in their commitment to a better future.  My concern is how does a community keep its spirits up when the world rushes by on its busy business of being without even being aware of real-time problems of hopeful people who want change?

Community holds people together.  It holds hearts, and heads, together.  Perhaps the dissolution of community in places is more serious than the world realises.  Africa is founded on community spirit.  It is a web, a network whose reach you should never underestimate.  You will not find a continent better-equipped to work together – if it can heal the damage done to its soul by the scramble for Africa.  Someone, somewhere, needs to say sorry.  I think to start with, an apology would make Africa a lot happier.  Then she will be able to view herself as whole again and the work can begin.  Whilst she is divided – as she currently is – there are two many skirmishes, too much in-fighting.  What is she still doing warring with herself?  Watching her unfold is like watching a slow-motion movie.  The point that should be made is that the longer the community must farm out its resources in trying to keep itself together, the longer it takes for it to make progress.  Slow progress is still progress, but perhaps for a change the community must address its defectors and recall all of its wanderers.  It is time for a bigger picture and in order to realise that bigger picture, we need unity.


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Let’s fly – Blog No. 46

Favim.com-19967There are conditions for flight.  That is the first thing to understand. Before you fly, you need to know where you are going.  Up – or down – is not enough information.  Should you imagine for one moment that flight is not what you are made for then please correct that bit of misinformation for yourself.  You are made to fly.  How you manage that feat is up to you.  Train your mind.  Train your body.  Free your heart.  Open your consciousness out, lay your thinking bare and find what parts of it are worth keeping and which parts are worth losing.  To fly – you must travel light.  If you have too much baggage on your mind, you cannot find lift.  That is how it is.

Fear plays a big role.  Imagine letting go, letting yourself free to think and be and trust and love and live and learn and understand.  That is all in your power.  When you want to understand the power that you can unleash as a human being you must immerse yourself in your emotions.  You will be astounded by their strength.  Look at what you feel most strongly about in your life.  There will be something.  If what you feel strongly about is negative then you are doing yourself a disservice.  You are taking your psyche down without supervising its transition and that is not responsible.  Be responsible with your thinking, your thoughts.  You cannot allow negatives to dwell in you.  You decide what – and who – affects your life.  Know that you are not on this planet to avoid your feelings.  You are human.  Your privilege is to feel – do not disrespect Nature by ignoring your own say-so.  You must face your feelings if you are going to fly.  It is up to you when you are ready for that adventure, it is up to you when you take flight.  It is something you will know inside of you.  You will know when it is time to let go of the branch to which you cling.  There is no point holding on too tightly to the first branch you find yourself on.   There is another branch with a better view.  You have to trust your ability.  For some people, the likes of meditation is flight.  The stilling of the mind means the spirit can be free to feel how it feels to be.  When you can invite yourself into a state of being that allows you to feel what it is to be human, then you can understand yourself, your purpose.  You have to focus on freeing your thoughts.  You should not cling on tightly to them, either.  There is a way of having thoughts and letting them slide by without fixating on any single one of them.  Observe what you think and consider the quality of your thoughts.  Your thoughts are energy.  When your mind thinks freely, creatively, it flies.  You just have to hope that it is a homing pigeon.  The adventure to be had out there in the wilds of the mind is not for the faint-hearted, nor is it likely that your mind will wish to return to the mundane reality of daily existence in this dog-eat-dog world.   The wilds of the mind are unlike anything you will learn on earth.

Flight must be kept in context.  Should you wish your mind and soul to fly, do not think of flight as in fleeing – you look at flight as in freedom.  Freedom of spirit.  Flight as in fleeing is something for animals that are going to be eaten.  As humans, we should not feel the need to flee from one another.  It is wrong that there are aggressors in this world.  Who does each one think he is?   That there are people loose in our world who will extort and kill or maim other people or animals is hard to understand.  These people should be put in cages or put down.  You have to wonder what you are if you will deliberately hurt another person, another creature.  And we all know what deliberate means.  Who does a man think he is when he murders someone?  You cannot just decide another’s life belongs to you.  If you decide that, you must know you are trading with your soul.  Know that your soul will be haunted forever by the spirits of those/that made dead by your hand.  You cannot escape the fact that you will atone – big time – for taking a life.  That is why it is not easy to be trained as a soldier.  To know that you might have to shoot someone to save yourself, your country, is not a knowing that will sit easy with any sane man.


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Letting go – Blog No. 32

let-goSo you let go.  That means what, exactly?  You tell yourself in your head that you have made a conscious choice to detach yourself from a thought, an idea, a dream.  (A point in hand – do not detach yourself from too many of your dreams.  They make your present liveable).  Then you stand objective and feel how it feels to be ‘without’ whatever it was.  A person, a situation, a memory.  In analysing that feeling – the emptiness – are you honest enough to admit to yourself that lurking on the sidelines of your thinking is the forgotten whatever it was?  It is always watching you try to forget it.  You are busy trying to forget how it feels to be with that thing.  How it is to carry its weight.  It’s just not possible.  The minute you turn your back you will find that your subconscious is busy soliciting the forbidden thinking.  It’s rebellious like that.  So how to really let go?  You have to make an arrangement with your heart to let go.  Heart holds on tight.  In fact, it is a bit like a child.  It holds tight to what keeps it happy.  Your mind can understand that you must separate yourself from something that is causing complications in your life.  Your heart can’t.  Heart accepts all and this makes for complications.  Complications are put where they are to keep us from getting too easy with being.  Life demands respect and should you fail to show due respect for its display it will send you reminders that you are merely human.  Each time a complexity unveils itself in your space – like an unexpected emotional outburst, or a twist in your life path that you were not expecting – it is a small test of your capacity.  If you freak out each time life hands you something you thought you did not require, think again.  You never get what you don’t need.  You have made sure of that.  Learn to accept what it is that has been put on your plate and work with it rather than against it – that is better for your development.  If you keep fighting the learning you are sent you will have to keep being taught.  That can be guaranteed.

We have all heard this:  If you love something, set it free.  If it comes back to you it is yours.  If it doesn’t, it never was.  How about this – you are making a mistake if you set what you love, free.  You have to think of both sides.  Who are you to free what it is that you love in the first place?  It was never yours to set free, or hold on to.  Love is a force.  It is true unto itself.  Love chooses what it wants because of what you need.  It is considerate that way.  Love is alive.  It is not something superficial, something to be trifled with, something you can cling to.  You cannot cling to love.  You cannot bend it to your will.  It dictates its flow, you just have to hold on tight and know that wherever it is going will be interesting.  It is surprisingly powerful, love.  It can make you do things you thought were impossible.  It can make you push yourself harder than anything else can push you.  It can make you feel things that you cannot explain and perhaps do not want to explain.  Love defies labelling.  It is nothing but itself.  It tickles.  It hurts.  It keeps you from feeling alone – that is why it is in you in the first place.  We are born alone?  We are only born alone in the sense that until we take our first independent breath we are empty of spirit.  We die alone?  I do not think we die alone.  I think we die safe in the arms of our deepest beliefs once consciousness is shut off.  That means death is nothing to fear.  It is just a part of life.  Where your head goes – now that is where you want to be concentrating your energies.  That is where you will end up for your eternity.



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Life/Death – Blog No. 27

Mother_Nature_by_pincel3dConsider that when your energy moves from this incarnation into another one, your journey continues.  Your starting point is where you left off.  You do not escape your fate.  Each time we leave we take with us our learning and when we return to adopt a new embodiment we face upon our paths further trials that will teach us to respect the mistakes we have made during the cycle of our lifetimes.  Understand that should you be bound back to earth, or choose to return time and again, each time you come back to take human form you commit to a life of learning.  This is no small undertaking.  The only way to extract yourself from this natural cycle is to kill yourself, and the flow of life does not look favourably on those who patently refuse to learn.  Life is not precious about who it teaches, what.  It has plenty to show us, so much to share with us.  You need to connect with your life, open to it, in order to receive its gifts.  If you are closed, you receive nothing.  You receive nothing because you are giving nothing.  Life is an energy, a living force, a history in motion.  We are the sum of our histories, the picture of our pasts.  You are not a snapshot, happening.  You are in continuum.  It is important to remember that life happens for us, not to us.  We should appreciate its show.  Also, know that life is not personal and therefore it should not be taken personally.  Death is not personal, either.  It just is.  When your due day is approaching, you may know about it, you may not.  You should not know exactly your last moment.  That is not for you to know.  Think – if you know about it you are taking big risks.  You are throwing down a gauntlet.  When you take your own life you are stealing breath from Nature’s lungs.  Nature does not like thieves.  She does not understand how a human being cannot honour living by showing trust – no matter how drastic a depression or challenging one’s circumstance.  Hers is the life-force and it does not know how to stop striving to keep us all alive.  Should you cut short her transfusion to you, you will suffer the outcome of that severence.  That outcome is a lonely place to be.  Nature moves on with her business.  She does not loiter in the shadows, begging for alms, pleading her case or yours.  She takes stock and she moves on towards equilibrium.  We should realise that we are all on her path to equilibrium.  Each of us.  We should sit back and happen, watch ourselves act, trust in her guidance, because it is what will get us to the other side.  The other side is where we exist, at perfection.  Each of us.  That place perfection is real.  There are those who have achieved perfection with their lives.  Not many, but there are those.   Utopia does exist.  Living and dying are equally likely to find you a place there.  It just depends how you live, and how you die.  You must be sure when you die that you have all your ducks in a row.  You cannot die with business unfinished.  When you take your life you are taking yourself out of the equation and leaving unfinished business.  Nature does not like unfinished business.  She will insist that you return to pick up your own mess.  No one is in charge of your life, but you.  Nature was in charge of your birth.  She  is in charge of your death. Trust that she knows best your moment to go.  Take that privilege from her and you will find yourself lost on the other side without a ready guide.  That is Nature’s way.   Should you wish to take her on, you will see that she will simply transform you.  She transforms herself, all the time.  To transform us is her job.  She doesn’t take lightly to having her job dictated by humans.  She will collect you when she is ready, not before.

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