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Time’s Wisdom – Blog No. 17

Time's Wisdom

Wisdom evolves in the way all things that evolve, do.  That is its wisdom.  There is profound clarity in the statement:  ‘Wisdom is choosing now what will make sense later.’  That later – when it comes – will provide in its demonstration evidence of wisdom’s consistent evolution.  Wisdom trusts instinct.  Instinct stems from experience.  From time to time it bypasses instinct on its Wisdom Business of researching some learning and as such, focussing on the horizon, it trips over a growth node.  That Wisdom has tripped once (or so) is not of much consequence in the big picture.  In the big picture space has been made for tripping.  Besides, trip-wires are made to be tripped over.  It is how you fall that matters, and whether or not you get up.

It would seem that we do not all subscribe to the same Wisdom System.  That is a good thing.  I trust in what I trust, I believe what I do.  That is because I have time-trialed my years and let them come to their own conclusions.  It makes sense to work your learning to your advantage, given that true learning does not come easily.  Being ‘at an advantage’ does not – in this context – mean that you will find yourself in a privileged position through virtue of your learning, it means that you will find yourself in the perfect position to do what it is in your life that needs doing.  The degree of personal work you did with the experiences you chose to have determines your capacity to handle further learning.  Handling capacity is what further learning is all about and a life without further learning is pointless.

Naturally, Time’s Wisdom flies.  If it was always to walk, it might miss some of its own most important points.  It is important to understand that although Wisdom is conveyed by every language on the planet it does not rely on verbal communication.  That is why the link between Wisdom and instinct is a strong one.  Some things you know.  And when you know that you know them, then is when you learn the extent of your experiences’ evolution.

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Let’s clarify something about Love – Blog No. 7


I think there is some confusion when it comes to the term:  in Love.  For instance, you can have a deep Love for your family members but it is not appropriate to be ‘in Love’ with them.  That then bends Love’s trajectory towards incestuous and incest is not fine no matter what planet you are on.  The point is, though, it is not okay to hide that kind of shit if it exists and is an issue.  The point is to treat the cause of the problem, not the symptoms.  Ask why a father would impregnate his daughter, why he would find her sexually attractive in the first place?  Why would a possessive mother seduce her son?  I mean that sort of sexual attraction is alarming to me and it really does need addressing.  Basically – incest kills true intimacy.  It breaks sacred bonds.  That confuses children and it causes inexplicable pain that dominoes down the generations.  Therefore – incest is not acceptable and that is not a negotiable point if the healthy concept of family is to survive its deconstruction.

If you are the parents of a child, or children, it makes sense to remember that you chose each other with whom to ‘breed’, as such.  Surely you choose to have a baby with someone you are in Love with?  If you didn’t, then I question why you are parents.  Children are not a ‘by-product’ of sex – make sure you get that straight.  They are a choice.  If you do not make the choice, then do not have kids.  It’s simple, really.  Children who watch their mothers and fathers hate each other for a living learn nothing about Love, about choices.  They learn hate and blame, about bondage and obligation.  They are also torn, often, between taking sides with their mother or their father and that is not the sort of choice a child should ever have to make.  I suspect that there are a great many bullies in relationships – male and female – who enjoy the convenience of a resident punch-bag, as such.  That may be how things are for a lot of people, but it is important to understand that that kind of ‘relationship’ is not of Love – not in ANY shape or form.

In Love.  Again – it may be helpful to understand that ‘in Love’ is not a destination.  It is a privilege:  the beginning of a journey into the heart of what really matters.  Love is not a commodity, despite what some humans might think.  What some humans think matters not, however, and Love knows that.  It is when Love falls in Love that it is liable to lose its own control.  Maybe that is no bad thing.  Perhaps ‘out of control’ Love is exactly what this wounded planet needs?


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Open house – Blog No. 9


Open house means anyone can enter the premises.  The best kind of premises to let anyone enter are empty ones.  That way, nothing can go missing, or get damaged.  The other advantage to throwing open empty premises is that when the space becomes occupied it is clear to see who it is that you have inside.  That kind of absolute clarity is helpful when you need to identify arseholes and bounce them out.

It is possible to keep your house closed.  That is simply a choice that needs making.  Keeping your doors locked is guaranteed to keep undesirables from frequenting the premises, but at times it makes more sense to let them enter to find out what exactly their business is.  If they have legitimate business in your house they will be able to prove that to you should you ask.  And if it were me – and my house – I would always ask.  If they cannot give you good enough reason for their presence then they are trespassing and it will be necessary to bounce them out.

‘Open Sesame’ is one of many incantations, others being such as ‘Sim Salabim’ and perhaps even the time-trialled ‘Africadabra’.  That one is perhaps my favourite of all magic words.  All magic words open houses.  It is important to know what words open which houses and whether it is a wise idea to utter them without thinking.  If it were me – and my utterances – I would always think first.  If you speak out of turn, your own house might burn down.

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Say what you mean – Blog No. 26

speak_your_mind_bigThere isn’t time to be misunderstood in this world.  There really isn’t.  Given that time is at a premium for most people it would make sense that when you do communicate you are direct and clear.  That way, when people lend you their ears they will be pleasantly surprised to find that what you have to say is relevant.  Do not speak for the sake of speaking.  There is no greater noise on this planet than senseless words.  Speak because you have something to share, something to ask, or something constructive to say.  It is easier said than done, but keep your empty words to yourself.  Your voice – particularly when it is whining about life – does not reach the ears of the gods.  They hear a different tone.  If the gods do not wish to hear your whining, then it is safe to say that no human being wishes to hear your whining, either.  It is hard some days not to whine.  Understandably.  But your words are so tiring when you drag that feeling of defeat into your every conversation.

Take control of what you tell people.  Moderate your own comments before you make them.  People do not need to know your every negative thought, know that.  There are too many people talking noisily about nothing in this world.  There are too many people following roads that go nowhere, giving a running commentary on their travelling experience.  The true journey only begins when your feet find the right road.  That is when you touch base with something sacred and your commentary becomes relevant.  You will hear yourself clearly when your say-so is from your heart.  Others will hear you clearly, too.  Understand that until the moment – the psychological moment – that your commentary becomes relevant to you, you are confined to the corners of your life.  Speaking from your own periphery is pointless.  Speak directly to – and from – your core.  Realise that sometimes you may surprise yourself with the things you say.  Get used to being forthright, but practice not speaking your every thought.  You are asking someone else to listen when you open your mouth.  That is the way of humans.  Make sure when you ask someone to listen to you, you have something to contribute to their day.  That is the first thing.  Out of respect, do not waste another’s time by whining in their ears.  That makes two of you tired and contributes nothing to either of your lives.  Speak to be understood.  To do that – understand yourself.  Observe yourself without judging your behaviours.  That will bring you a new understanding and a new wisdom that you will find it relevant to share.  Watch yourself change, evolve.  Give yourself permission to grow.  You will find that you do.


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