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Motivation vs Intention – Blog No. 44

10-motivational-quotes-kick-start-large-msg-134307587259Please understand the difference between motivation and (best) intentions.  You want to be working with your motivation rather than your intentions.  Intentions are sweet.  They mean well.  But it is too easy to shrug off responsibility by saying, ‘… sorry, but I meant well.  It didn’t happen, but I hoped it would.’  Meaning well is not good enough.  It is like making a promise that you have no intention of keeping.  It is admirable, because you are thinking with your heart, but it is simply not good enough.  You have to understand the why of doing something.  Then you will know your motivation.  When you know your motivation you can decide straight away if it is pure, or not.  Your motivation needs to be pure.  Whatever it is that you are doing.  Pure motivation makes magic, miracles happen.

When you operate from a place of openness, of trust, you will see that your world becomes lighter and easier to manage.  Things begin to happen the way you need them to happen.  When you trust the universe, Nature, Karma, The Spirits, The Dead, Providence, God, the gods, Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, yourself, your mind, your soul or Allah, whomever, whatever – you will find that your purpose on this planet becomes clearer to you.  It is through trusting that you learn to let go.  Letting go shows you a clearer picture of who it is that you are, it is a process that defines you.  There is a part of yourself that you must let go of each time you share of yourself, each time you tell another person your secrets.  And we all have secrets – do not pretend for one minute that there is not something in your life you would rather no-one knew.  Secrets are fine – if you feel safer keeping them – just do not lie to yourself about who you truly are.  Trust that your heart knows only pure motivation.  You have to act with pure motivation when you have opened your life to another.  That is best for both of you.  You have to be aware of the world around you flooding into that opening, when you open up.  When you choose to open your heart you will be physically affected.  The body responds in kind.  It is most important to evaluate your whys when you do what you do.  When you understand your whys you will feel empowered to act for the right reasons and be brave enough to follow your heart without fearing or feeling vulnerable.  Know there is no point in acting for a bad reason – karma will kick you for that.

Motivation is a driving force that affects every single one of us, every single day.  You will either be bothered, or you won’t.  If you won’t be bothered about anything:  about life, about people, about animals, about the environment, about your state of mind – then you need to change your life.  There is no question.  You have to find something to be bothered about.  Even if it is just staying alive.  A lot of people have that bother.  Life does not inspire in them much enthusiasm for living.  A lot of people exist in this limbo-land between living and not-living.  There is a fine line between alive and dead, and a fine line between genius and madness.  A very fine line.  I think the world needs to wake up to the reality that schizophrenics on this planet are not called ‘revolving doors’ for nothing.  In and out, in and out.  Their consciousness.  They are not in control of their aspects, at all.  Their minds are bent by hallucination, their realities warped by the projections of their minds.  They believe everything their minds tell them, which is a worry.  Like those who drink to blackout.  Where is your consciousness during that time and what is driving you – purely your subconscious?  It is interesting.  People are interesting when they substance-abuse.  I think this world needs to wake up to the fact that there are a lot of young people – in fact, a lot of people – escaping this reality because they find it intolerable.  Would the governments not be serving us better if they tidied up the reality?  The reality we find ourselves faced with is flawed.  Flawed is not a train-smash.  It can be fixed.  We just have to be bothered to fix it.


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Nature – Blog No. 43

naturePlease take time to appreciate your world.  Pick flowers.  Stand in the rain, sniffing the wet.  Notice creatures, don’t kill them.  Don’t step on a caterpillar because you are too lazy to adjust your stride.  Be aware of your big feet.  You are accountable for each thing you kill on this planet.  More to the point – have some respect for Nature.  She is what gave you life, gives you life.

If you are going to hunt something, you must eat it.  Hunting is acceptable when it is for survival.  Culling.  I find culling slightly objectionable.  Man decides that the animals are too many for their environment and so he kills them off to tidy up that anomaly.  What if the gods suddenly decided that us humans were too many for our environment and tidied up our numbers by shooting millions of us?  I think we’d object.  Is that what genocide is?  Disease?  Murder?  I do not see this subject as God’s argument.  I see that it is Nature restoring equilibrium.  You can count on some major ‘culling’ being done on a daily basis in this world.  A lot of people die every day.  This is how it is, we cannot be sentimental about dropping numbers.  We need to be realistic, accept Nature’s give and take.  The way a lot of people die is not great.  That is a problem.  Can you imagine the luxury of dying in your sleep with a full stomach when you are facing an AK 47?  Starving?  Being bombed?  I think death needs to be more humane in a lot of places.  Africa is not a good place for death.  The way you can die in Africa is wild, cruel, vicious.  She is not a continent for tip-toing around the taking of a life.  Perhaps the world needs to look at death differently.  A lot of people are living a lot longer than they did before, so when you die in the first world of a stress disease (there are many) or old age or of natural causes then there is really no reason to complain.  Your death is part of your life.  It is a continuation.  You are in charge of the amount of stress you let into your life, so if you contract a stress disease you need to accept that your path brings you what it brings you.  You should not cry when death comes in a good way, you can consider yourself, your family, blessed.  I have said it before – we can all aspire to dying in our sleep.  It is something to think about if you want to start visualising your future.  When you concentrate your energies on what you want to happen in your life you will find that often, it does.

We are Nature.  We have a human nature.  Our natures are not the same.  I do believe we are born with either a good nature or an evil nature.  Fortunately there are a lot more people with good natures than there are evil.  Nature is inherently good, though she has a temper.  We have her traits.  We are human in that we can speak.  More than anything else, this makes us human.  The words we use carry energy.  It is important to think before you speak when such is possible.  Words out, are words down.  You must realise how powerful what you say out loud is.  Your ears are tuned naturally to hear your voice, your tone.  When you fight or when you insult somebody, understand that the negative sentiment is ricocheting straight back at you.  You bitch at someone, you are being that bitch to yourself.  It is interesting to hear from yourself what you will say of others, to others.  Be careful what you choose to show the world with your speech, your vocal expression tells the truth about the state of your interior.  If you are being a shitty person because your insides are a mess – stop it.  The world does not need people like you any longer.

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Change – Blog No. 39

changeSome of us are bred to embrace change.  Others are afraid.  Change is a remarkable leveller and it should be employed by all of us to prevent our getting complacent.  Complacency is not something to aspire to.  There is a point at which change becomes destructive, however, and so we need to know how to manage its happening.  Try not to make dramatic changes too often.  Rather go at the process slowly, taking time to adjust to whatever it is that is new to you before you take on another set of circumstances.  The same applies to your thinking.  In order to change your thinking – and this is advisable for 2013, the year of new beginnings – you need to go at it slowly.  Expect resistance from your old ideals and thought processes.  Getting your mind to tidy itself up is a challenging task, but one that is worth doing.  If you have help in the shape of a good listener who can assist you with the exorcism of bad memories, make use of their facility.  Open your heart for a moment to someone you can trust with its vulnerabilities.  Bad memories take up a lot of mind space.  They waste a lot of mind space.  Take them out and look at them, then decide how best to dispose of them.  You will never be rid of them entirely, but you can put them into storage once you have worked out their pain.  Do not be afraid to change your mind.  Never be afraid to change your mind.  If it is acceptable for women to be changeable, then it is acceptable for men to be changeable.  This is a world in which we work towards the ideal of equality, is it not?

Imagine changing from a backward-thinker to a forward-planner.  Stranger things have happened.  They say the future belongs to the dreamers.  They are not far wrong.  The dreamers each have a guarantee.  Their futures will happen as they imagine them.  It is the easiest concept to grasp.  Where you put your headspace is where you will find yourself.  You are what you think.  And since you are always becoming – you are always changing.  You cannot escape it.

Let life change you.  The safest way to go forwards (and forwards is a good way to be going) is to be adaptable.  When you can watch life unfolding in front of your eyes and negotiate its rapids as smoothly as you can manage its meanderings, then you know you are being adaptable.  Adaptable is flexible.  When you resist change you block your feng shui.  Any blockage in Nature is a problem.  You must not restrict your own flow.  Let life come to you and take its deliveries with grace, humility.  Then let them go.  Nothing is yours to hold on to.  Feel that you are a part of the flow and know then that you have surrendered to the way of things.  Surrender is good when it lessens stress.  It is not defeat.  Be sure that what you surrender to – if you are able to give yourself up – is worthy of your burdens.  I think Jesus is tired of carrying the load and besides, I do not see that piling your sins on the shoulders of a dead man is in any way helpful to you in the long run.  All the Jesus-believers need to give the guy a break and take accountability for themselves.  That will be hard at first, when you are used to delegating responsibility for your behaviour to God or Jesus.  I wonder what will happen when the bottom falls out of the church?  It will fall.  It is just a matter of time.  I wonder then whether the myriad believers will turn on their priests the way the Jews turned on Jesus?  I think there will be too many questions without answers.  That is the church’s problem now – they have a book of songs to explain life to their children.  How helpful is it in this day and age to be taught from the bible?  It is not helpful.  There are many more reliable sources to use when training the minds of our today-children.



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Forgiveness – Blog No. 38

forgiveHow do you forgive the guy who sells you fake tickets for a Justin Bieber concert in Johannesburg?  After explaining to the children who arrive at the turnstile after a two hour wait – children whose ages range from 6 to 11 – that mommy somehow bought rubbish tickets from a con-man, you must stand outside with the children and watch everyone around you go into the stadium.  What do you say to the broken smile of each child?  That kind of cruelty to children cannot be forgiven.  Not in any hurry.  How senseless a human being do you have to be to know (and care less) that you are selling a non-experience to a child with stars in their eyes?  It’s shocking.  It is an outrage that people do such things in the name of money.  Worse still, selling fake tickets for a meet-and-greet.  Conscienceless.  These people with no scruples should be named, and shamed.  Then prosecuted.  One by one.

Forgiveness is tricky at the best of times.  I often wonder who we think we are that we give out forgiveness like God’s blessings bestowed.  If someone has wronged you, I suppose it is your right to decide whether or not they deserve to be forgiven, but be careful that you are sure what is wrong and what is not.  In this age I think it’s the feeling of forgiving that is wrong.  I think too often we go about it in a self-righteous manner and self-righteousness is a dangerous game for anyone to play.  Do not hand out forgiveness like alms.  Be aware that it is serious – if you choose to forgive (which is advisable for your own peace of mind) then you must know you mean it.  True forgiveness comes where you can coerce your heart into complying with your mind.  If your heart cannot let go of a hurt, you cannot forgive.  It is simple.

Forgive where you can.  Remember it is destructive to hold on to a hurt for too long.  The hurt stagnates, it becomes boring to think about and its persistent nag is a drain on your energy resources.  Get over it.  People hurt each other.  That is what they do.  Expect people to be unpredictable, perhaps thoughtless on occasion.  Expect disappointment.  We are all learning, that is important to remember, too.  How can we get the best from one another if we aren’t allowed to make mistakes with our handling of each other along the way?

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Instinct – Blog No. 37

instinctInstinct is not your sixth sense.  Your sixth sense is extra-sensory perception.  Instinct is there to be heeded.  It is not a fleeting feeling that you cannot pin down, it is a concrete feeling that you cannot pretend you do not have.  We all have strong instincts.  A lot of us are just good at suppressing them.  We teach ourselves to ignore our instincts, too.  This is not productive.  Instincts are powerful enough to make us act when we let them.  When you have to trust your instincts – and we all rely on their being there when we need them – you find yourself acting quickly, decisively.  Your instincts steer you towards the ‘safest’ option for your human in a given situation.  A driving instinct is our desire to survive.  Most of us operate on auto-pilot in this regard.

I think some days how fragile our existence, really.  We need air to breathe, otherwise we die.  Simple.  We need trees to produce oxygen.  Why are we letting deforestation go ahead?  Why are we allowing certain nations to decimate their jungles?  There should be someone who can say no to these things and have people listen for a change – someone who has the ears of a collection of civilised leaders.  The jungles do not belong to the people.  They belong to the earth.  She should be considered in all of this.  Like the animals should be considered in all of this.

How much longer are the humans going to waste going in the direction of money?  Money is helpful but it must be kept in perspective.  It does good when it’s used properly, but it also makes palm oil plantations grow.  It makes logging a viable option for a lot of people.  It makes dogs fight, cocks fight.  It makes circuses trap animals and it kills rhinos, whales.  Money makes sex into big business.  How do we slow down a people obsessed with its power?  Money in this world is a god.  It is worshipped as such.  How can it be in a world this rich that the global economy is failing?  There is too much about this man looking out for himself only, and that man taking more than his fair share.  When you have this imbalance you have a problem.  You do not have to give the shirt off your back to the next homeless guy you see.  That is not what charity is about.  Just be aware that as a person taking up space on this planet you are obliged to give something back.  Every single human has that duty.  There are currently too many takers, not enough givers.  And you cannot say you have nothing to give.  You give of yourself if you cannot give materially.



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Chaos – Blog No. 36

lightningEmbrace it.  It comes to us all and if you cannot accept that fact you will not recognise it when it arrives.  Despite their status, even the most serene souls experience chaos.  That theirs’ is within and remains within is no mean feat.  The turbulence beneath the surface – in our subconscious where our archetypes reside – is relevant to our development.  The archetypes fight.  You can be a Buddhist monk and your archetypes will still fight.  It is in learning how to watch them fight that you conquer their effect.  Watching them leads to an understanding of their actions.  It leads to seeing reason for their being.  For our archetypes work.  They are active in our self-expression, they are active in manipulating our behaviours so that we manoeuvre smoothly into the position where we are best-placed to face the choices that we have made for ourselves.  Our human nature shows us the way.  Importantly, human nature is not negotiable.  We are all what we are:  part wild, part not.  Part human, part not.  Part nature, part not.  Our complexity is what makes us interesting.  We are of Nature.  We are first and foremost of Nature.  Not of sacred mud, nor of Adam’s rib.  Should that really be the case then we are all borne of incest.  If Eve was of Adam’s rib, then Eve was of Adam’s DNA.  That makes brother and sister by my reckoning.  Sex between brothers and sisters is frowned upon no matter who you are or where you think you belong.

I would rather believe that I come of a miracle of evolution called procreation than from a story of incest in a book so old its message is virtually obsolete.  Perhaps the guy who wrote the bible spoke the universal language.  Perhaps.  I think there were moments when he translated the truth.  However, he rambled a lot.  The bible goes on too much about stuff that doesn’t matter anymore.  The church has failed to realise that the universal language does not ramble any longer.  Or mumble.  Dusty sermons served to dead ears are these days, obsolete.  I think the church has got dead ears – they fail to hear the very loud call for their God to turn up and take responsibility for his humans.  If God said and it was so, then God is what we think.  Because thinking makes it so.  That is fact.  Change your thinking and you change your world.  That is Buddhist wisdom.  There is a lot be said for Buddha’s wisdom.  He got to where he was through perseverance, and experience.  That makes him someone we can trust.  I would trust the say-so of the real man more than I would the imperative of an invisible God.

The church really has a lot of work to do.  It is so behind that it precludes itself from joining world debate.  Its message is outdated and its methods archaic.  Who in this day and age could possibly advocate no contraception?  Which god would want his own planet (for I believe that Earth has an overseer) over-populated and ravaged by the likes of poverty?  This world is struggling to cope, it is subverted by poverty.  Please understand this.  Poverty makes people do inhuman things.  If you have never been short of money, then consider yourself very, very lucky.  Whether through your own provision or private circumstance, consider yourself part of a privileged minority and be thankful.


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Breaking the rules – Blog No. 33

RulesThe rules of life:  there are no fixed rules.  We all make up our own.  We start with personal rules – these we develop as guidelines for what we like and what we don’t when we are quite little people.  Crossing the line – emotionally and physically – is not appreciated, clearly, from a very young age.  What makes us set down our first boundaries?  I think it is instinct.  Children are intuitive creatures.  They feel us, our vibes.  And they mirror our behaviours.  It’s hardly surprising that there is a delinquent overdose in the UK – too many kids have been brought up watching their parents lack focus and ambition.

Children should have tolerance.  Even young children.  If a child is missing tolerance in its repertoire of behaviours then it is disadvantaged.  Tolerance is learned.  Tolerance is a word every person understands by virtue of its effect.  To be tolerated – particularly when you are being frustrating or damnably changeable – is a gift.  Tolerance is not accepting the unacceptable.  It is not mindlessly putting up with somebody or something that offends you, or breaks your personal rules.  It is about realising that you are in a bigger picture than the one in which you are affected.  Tolerance is about standing away from yourself; your troubles, your desires, your judgement.  It is about following your heart to a place of feeling rather than taking your head to a place of reason.  You cannot reason with intolerance.  It is easy to find reason for tolerance when you consider that we are all learning in this life.  Even God is learning something new each day, about how humans have evolved.  That first-world man has freedom of choice does amaze me some days.  That he refuses to appreciate it and fully make use of its facility infuriates me.  I do not understand a man with a lethargy for choosing the path of his future.  How can you leave your life to run its own course when you have no idea where your future is?  That is like driving a car with your eyes closed.

Should you find yourself swamped by official rules – rules that you recognise as being imposed upon you by a needlessly anal bureaucracy (society can make you feel that way on occasion) then you must allow yourself to break a few of those rules.  Try not to break the law, that is different.  It brings with it due consequence.  Consider that if you make the rules that govern your days, you are entitled to break them.  Break with your own rules, your old traditions.  Open your future out in your mind.  Your possibility is limitless.  Really limitless.  You have to see beyond your limitations because you have imposed them upon yourself.  Trust that you can do what your mind dreams of if you allow yourself to step outside of your own box.  Stepping out of your box means pushing parameters, letting go of what you know in favour of the unknown.  The unknown is a place worth visiting.  It is found on the other side of your strict personal regime.



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Blame – Blog No. 31

FingerPointingThe very first thing you need to understand about blame is that it is a waste of your time.  It is absolutely pointless.  Do not weaken your standpoint in life by whining about who did what.  You allow what happens to you to happen to you.  Understand this.  Take accountability, do not lay blame.  The power in taking accountability will make itself apparent in your everyday.  Be proud of who you are, what you believe and why you choose to do what you do.  Taking accountability is empowering.  It is not a punishment.  It is standing up and saying, ‘Yes.  That was me.’  That is self-awareness.  Self-belief.  Recognition.  Have faith in your actions, your (mis)deeds, your subconscious striving for actualisation.  The striving keeps us alive and faith in yourself is never wasted.  You must take accountability for your thoughts, too.  I would like to point out that it does help – both yourself and others – if you would add to your statement of fact, ‘… and my reasons for doing said such and such, were …’.  Give reasons willingly.  They help with clarity.  I have learned that in most instances it is a waste of time to hide your justifications.  We all have that painful desire to justify our existence.  It’s there.  It is a part of wanting to be understood.  We would all like to feel understood, it’s a deep-seated need.  How many people have you trusted with your insides?  We cannot know someone or understand them until they have shown us their insides.  That is how it is.

Remember that taking accountability is not taking responsibility.  Responsibility is a whole different kettle of fish.  It depends on your need to play the martyr – and we all have that tendency at times – as to how much responsibility you will take on that is not yours to carry.  Only carry what is yours.  You must understand that you are not responsible for another’s reality.  You are not responsible for the illusion they are living.  You are not responsible for their existence.  Until you can consciously penetrate another’s thoughts you are not in any way responsible for their thinking, either.  Know that.   A person’s choices are their’s alone and for those choices they will pay penalties or reap rewards when the time comes.  And the time is coming.  Soon we will find ourselves blending with the futures we have selected for ourselves.  It will be interesting to see who is happy with their lot and who is not.  Should you not be happy with how your future is going to look – given that its reality is based on your projections at present – then you had better start shifting your mindset.  That starts with realising who you are at this moment and being proud of the person you have become.  Know that personal pride is not a waste of time.  You did not get to where you are by accident.  Please remember that you are always becoming.  That is evolution.  That is going forwards, meeting your real self (time and again) – and reaching your full potential.  Reaching your full potential is what you are here to do.  So do it.


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The Wonder of Love – Blog No. 25

love-is-lightChildren must be taught so that they learn to understand love.  This is possibly the single most important task of every adult on this planet.  Love is an art worth studying, and sharing.  It is worth finding and having in your life.  It does not come without compromise and it has numerous side-effects.  Should there be any doubt, know that the side-effects are worth it.  Love is extraordinarily powerful.  It cannot be consumed.  It is ever-present and ongoing.  It is like a phoenix, rising each time from the ashes.  We can love over and over.  We can love everybody in our lives differently.  I do not believe that we love the same each time.  Our love is shaped by the individual we find ourselves connected with.  It is moulded by the children to whom we give life and learning.  The love generated in the 1960’s and 1970’s is still circumnavigating this globe, its waves are still felt in our hemispheres.  That kind of resonance never dies.  We all have a lot to thank free love for.  There was a lot of oxytocin-induced euphoria happening.  Perhaps the permissiveness of that time did not do society’s moral code any good, and that permissiveness bred a contempt – or lack of respect – for one another that it was not possible at the time to express, but that period is punctuated by a big love and for a while that feeling made a real difference in the world.  I believe it changed the arc of man’s path, there were that many believers.  When you have a large sector of the population feeling optimistic and in love with life, life thrives.

Then people became disillusioned, and people are still disillusioned.  That in itself could open an interesting line of enquiry – whether or not it is advisable in the here and now to realise that everything is an illusion?  Perhaps it is wise to accept that we live our illusions.  Must we consider that we became disillusioned because our leaders made too many empty promises, too often?  When mouths and minds speak of nothing then we eventually hear nothing.  That is the way with ears, tongues.  Perhaps we are disillusioned because the scaffolding of this world is taking major strain where its religions are concerned.  We feel like we are living a giant lie since no one – no two parties can agree – what God even is.  If it can be said that we all base our lives on our belief systems then it can be said that what we believe is very relevant.  Each of us.  If we can find common ground with our vision for the future then we can make positive changes happen and relieve some of the strain on the infrastructure, which is ultimately source.  Raw energy.  Most of us take our source for granted and we fail to appreciate that although it does not have a beginning or an end it has limits.  We must respect these limits.  We must put back into the system what is given, always.  It is time.  We must all bend our heads towards mending the planet, the force of collective thought can change this world’s destiny.

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Love/Hate – Blog No. 20

tumblrkwxd3rlAI51qa9utro1500largeFor there to be equilibrium on a universal scale, we need to balance the scales of love and hate.  There is a lot of hate circumnavigating this globe of ours.  There is too much war.  Too many old wars.  I am not speaking about the peace-making efforts of international forces, either.  Their’s is a job and they do it with our welfare in mind.  I don’t think it is easy to be trained to kill another man.  It goes against our very grain.  Ours is the will to live.  Where there is man pitted against man because belief-systems differ, there is war.  War of heart, war of mind.  When you explain to a boy that he will hate another man because of what he stands for, you are taking away his freedom.  When you tell a boy that he has enemies before he has had a chance to explore a life without strife, you are forcing your prejudice down a virgin throat.  It’s abusive.  Why can these violent nations not see what damage they are doing to their own children?  They are systematically crippling generation after generation of boys, men.  The hatred that is cultivated in dark man-corners and passed on proudly from father to son is thwarting the evolution of a lot of males on this planet.  In order to progress, you have to change your thinking.  You cannot escape this reality.  I, for one, am tired of hearing Israel and Palestine bleating about the same grievances they’ve been bleating about for decades.  Their voices are noise, their words, empty.  The fact of the matter is they do not want to find solution – that is the point that should be made.  Why does everyone skirt around this issue?  There is too much deliberate ‘not-offending’ going on in our first-world societies.  Too much lip-service and arse-kissing.  How far do we go with covering up how flawed a lot of belief-systems are?  The men who perpetuate war are behaving like children.  They will all have the last word and they will all have their way in a world that must accommodate everyone.  Did you not hear that we are all entitled to an opinion, as long as we don’t think it’s the only one?  When did anyone on this planet get anywhere worthwhile without compromise?  When you are dealing with real people, you must employ diplomacy and you must be prepared to adjust your opinions.  Compromise means you look at a situation from other sides.  You appreciate that there are people whose ideas are bigger, better, than your own.  You do not hold on to an old rage.  What is the point of that?  The horrors happened, people died.  The point is to prevent the situation from escalating further and the only way to do that is to get these old schools of thought to modify their thinking.

I think the bible is questionable as a life-manual.  It is an interesting metaphor, a vivid story – and the ten commandments are good – but as a work of fact (dare I say truth?)  it fails dismally.  I think too many people take its lessons too literally and this raises questionable expectations of a god, his son, his spirit.

I think the Koran speaks a great truth.  Allah cannot have as many followers as he does without having something truly inspiring to say.  Perhaps their ‘religion’ is timeless, the Muslims.  Their language is fluid, it is evolving and spinning and whirling like a dervish, and their faith is very strong, a feature of their society.  Perhaps we could all learn something from a people who understand devotion.  Do you know how powerful the reach of devotion?

I think it’s time we asked one another what it is that we can do to make amends in this fractured world.  We cannot ignore that we have issues, complex issues of hatred to try and overcome.  I believe they can be overcome.  I believe the amount of hatred directed at the Germans – purely because of the Holocaust – has done a lot of damage to their existing psyches.  It is a form of oppression – the with-holding of love from a people – and a lot of love has been with-held from Germany because of their past.  It is time to move on from their dent in the past.  Rwanda has moved on.  That was a genocide on some scale.  Can you imagine being hacked to death with a machete?  Bodies lining the streets for weeks – piled so high cars had to drive over them to get by?  That kind of horror is as bad – if not worse – than anything done to the Jews during the war.  Can we not accept that there were two bloody great wars and get beyond their reach?  For gods’ sake.  I think god waits for the alarm of peace to sound.   We would all do well to work towards that silence.


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